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Module 3: How to Appropriately Review the Literature

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  1. Introduction: Welcome to the course

    What you’re going to learn about writing the literature review
  2. Section 1: How to organise your literature review
    Lecture 1: The three main ways to organise the literature review
  3. Lecture 2: The necessary elements your literature review should have
    1 Quiz
  4. Section 2: How to summarise information from various sources
    Introduction: How to use various reporting verbs to review the literature
    1 Quiz
  5. Lecture 1: Why you need to summarise information from various sources
    1 Quiz
  6. Lecture 2: How to discuss the topics studied by previous research
    1 Quiz
  7. Lecture 3: How to present the methodology of previous studies
    1 Quiz
  8. Lecture 4: How to summarise the main findings of previous studies
    1 Quiz
  9. Written Assignment: Summarising Information From Various Sources in the Literature Review
  10. Section 3: How to focus on one previous study in more detail
    Lecture 1: Why focus on one previous study in detail
  11. Lecture 2: How to emphasise the researcher, the time or the aim of a previous study
    1 Quiz
  12. Lecture 3: How to discuss what the researcher did in their study
    1 Quiz
  13. Lecture 4: How to present the researcher’s position
    1 Quiz
  14. Bonus lecture: Learn the most common academic English irregular verbs
    1 Quiz
  15. Written Assignment: Focusing on One Study in More Detail in the Literature Review
  16. Section 4: How to present a clear argument in your literature review
    Lecture 1: How to critically evaluate previous studies
    1 Quiz
  17. Lecture 2: How to avoid being descriptive by presenting a clear argument
  18. Written Assignment: Being Critical and Presenting a Clear Argument
  19. Where to next?
    Other Academic Writing Mastery modules
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Summarising previous findings

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