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Andrew Woodbury, Enrollment Advisor

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m from Toronto, Canada, where I teach academic writing courses at universities. There, I work with newcomers to Canada who are enrolling in Bachelor and Graduate programs.

My background is in language education, which is how I met Marek over ten years ago. We worked together then and it seemed natural to join his team at Academic English Now.

When I’m not teaching, I’m watching sports or reading a book. My top three recommended reading list:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • What is the What by Dave Eggers

Khalilah Nelson, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Khalilah!

Over the past decade I have worked with many students at various levels of tertiary education. More recently, since 2019, I have been working within a Ph.D program through which I have served as an academic mentor to various students covering many academic fields.

I am an avid reader and enjoy gaining knowledge and interacting with others so this position really plays to my strengths. I look forward to being able to support you on your journey and getting to know each one of you.

Hayden Godfrey, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Hayden. I am a Harvard Visiting Fellow and a Researcher in education, specializing in Research Design and Methodology, Intellectual Humility and Higher Education. As an Oxford graduate with distinction, I have published on funded research projects in leading journals like Frontiers, in collaboration with Harvard and Oxford Graduate Schools of Education. With a rich background of six years in teaching English, including a focus on Academic English at the Royal College of Art, I am deeply dedicated to promoting educational equity for international students.

My academic excellence has been internationally recognized through prestigious awards. Notably, I am a recipient of the Fulbright All Disciplines Scholarship, one of the most competitive funding scholarships globally. I have also received scholarships from the Australian government and Oxford University’s Department of Education to conduct research in the field of Education.

Lynn Nicks-McCaleb, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Lynn and I’m from Brighton, England. I’m a Client Success Manager at Academic English Now.

I have a doctorate in Education, plus experience gained during an interesting career teaching English in Sweden, England and the United Arab Emirates, where I was Dean of a college.

In my leisure time, I enjoy:

  • Travelling and discovering new places
  • Long mountain hikes with my dogs
  • Italian cooking… and then eating it!

Margarita Monge-Morera, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Margarita and I’m from Costa Rica. I’m a Client Success Manager at Academic English Now. I have a PhD in bioscience engineering from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium, where I also worked as a postdoc for over two years. I have supervised several master’s and PhD students, and I am familiar with the challenges associated with the scientific publication process.

I have published many research papers but one publication I am especially proud of is this one, as it made it to the cover of Biomacromolecules, Q1 journal in bioengineering, IF 6.9.

During my free time, I enjoy:

  • Cooking and baking for others
  • Doing yoga
  • Listening to podcasts about science and personal development

Latanya Hughes, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Latanya. I am a Floribian (native Floridian with Caribbean roots). I earned my doctorate in Leadership from Regent University. I have also served in higher education for more than a decade and have enjoyed supporting students from all kinds of backgrounds and ages. In recent years, I have supported researchers in achieving their PhD and research goals as a Dissertation Chair.

For fun, I enjoy:

  • beading jewelry
  • baking and cooking (my kitchen is my happy place)
  • relaxing by the beach (#saltlife #beachday). 

Maja Glock, Enrollment Advisor

Hi, I’m Maja. Originally from Denmark, I’ve lived in Spain for over 20 years. My passion for helping others began with studying social work in Denmark. Teaching English as a second language to Spanish children, teens, and adults for over 15 years has been my rewarding journey, assisting thousands in achieving their language goals. 

I love languages and traveling, and I’m fluent in Danish, German, English, and Spanish.

The reason why I joined Academic English Now is to contribute to assisting people worldwide reaching their goals. I find it very rewarding to see how people succeed with the right guidance, right support and right attitude. 

Outside teaching, life in Spain is an adventure. My van takes me to new places, and I love paddle surfing at the beach, listening to podcasts, and I’ve recently taken an interest in “spikeball.”
In my free time, you’ll find me engaged in meaningful chats with friends, going on long hikes, staying active, and enjoying moments with candles, a good film, or a book, especially with a glass of Spanish wine.

Ricardo Bruns, Enrollment Advisor

Hi, I’m Ricardo, originally from Brazil.

I’ve been an English teacher for a solid twenty years, with focus on English for Specific Purposes, including Academic and Business English.

Over the years, I’ve consistently provided tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of my clients. Joining the Academic English Now team has allowed me to continue this commitment while supporting academic professionals in achieving their international and professional communication goals.

In addition to that, I’m a keen bicycle enthusiast and a bass-baritone choir singer. Enjoying time with my family, getting to know new people, traveling and having good food is part of my main menu, too.

Looking forward to meeting you and sharing a personalized action plan to help you achieve your academic goals as soon as possible!

Marek Kiczkowiak, Founder

Hi, I’m Marek. I’m originally from Poland, and I did my PhD in teaching English at the University of York. I managed to finish it in 3 years with 3 published research papers.

I’m the Founder of Academic English Now, where we help PhD students and researchers regularly write research papers for top journals in the field.

For fun, I enjoy:

  • doing research and writing my own papers
  • travelling with my wife and friends
  • reading books.

Here's what our clients say

Mario Imperioso

PhD student, digital landscapes

Lina Sors Emilsson

Researcher, Game Design & Project Managment

Jean Paul Sebastian

PhD student, Information systems

Shahin Sateei

PhD student, computer-human interaction

Lizette Brits

Researcher, paediatric surgery

Natasha Morales

Researcher, behavioural sciences

Abano Peseiye

PhD student, Anthropology

Lara Corona

Researcher, museum studies

Lilian Ehidiamhen

PhD student, theological ethics

Mercedes Cornelius

PhD student, quantum physics

Ramy Abdullah

PhD student, Geosciences

Ashoka Ranjeewa

PhD student, environmental protection

Denis Adia

Master's student, social work

Begum Akalin

PhD student, chemistry

Prateek Wahi

PhD student, architecture

Ibifuro Giami

PhD student, Engineering Education

Puleng Motshoane

PhD student, higher education

Alexey Belinsky

DBA graduate

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4 Abstracts and a paper submitted in 2 months

NAME: Abano Peseiye


FIELD: Anthropology



Submitted a research paper in 3 weeks

NAME: Lilian Ehidiamhen


FIELD: Theology of ethics



Cambridge professors ENJOYED reading my 1st year PhD report

NAME: Mercedes Cornelius


FIELD: Quantum physics



A research paper for a high-impact journal in 4 weeks

NAME: Ramy Abdullah


FIELD: Geosciences



From 0 papers in 3 years to 3 papers in 10 weeks

NAME: Ashoka Ranjeewa


FIELD: Environmental protection



Master's student writes a research paper & tackles procrastination

NAME: Denis Adia

DEGREE: Master’s

FIELD: Social Work



PhD Thesis Submitted & A High-Impact Paper Published

NAME: Ibifuro Giami


FIELD: Engineering Education



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