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Marek Kiczkowiak, PhD

Founder, Academic English Now

Your academic success. My Mission.

I understand Your Academic English challenges

My name is Marek Kiczkowiak, and I’m the founder of Academic English Now. Having learnt English myself, I understand that writing effective and accurate academic texts in English can be a challenge.

You lack the right words. You’re not sure about the correct grammar. You don’t know how to structure the text…

But having written a PhD in English, and having published numerous academic papers in peer-reviewed journals, I also know that you can and will succeed in writing excellent academic texts.

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of students and researchers from all around the world write successful theses and publish academic papers. Now, it’s time to help you improve your academic English.


I believe in courses that are practical and that immediately help you DO new things in academic English. 


One of my teaching obsessions is that the content of the courses is based on the exact tasks you need to do and the exact language you need to use in real life.


I take care to choose the best pedagogical approaches that research has proven to be effective so you achieve your goals faster.


I believe that good teaching must engage the learner, so the courses I design motivate you to learn.  

Your Academic Success. My Mission.

solving your academic english problems now


A PhD in Teaching English and published academic articles and books guarantee expertise in teaching academic English.


10+ years of experience improving students' and researchers' academic English in universities around the world.


Hundreds of satisfied students and researchers who achieved their academic goals thanks to our personalised on-line courses.

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