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Module 1: How to Write Effective Academic Texts: An Overview

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  1. Introduction

    What you're going to learn about writing effective academic texts
  2. Section 1: How to organise an academic text effectively
    Lecture 1: The 6 sections every good academic text needs
    1 Quiz
  3. Lecture 2: How to use headings and subheadings in MS Word
  4. Lecture 3: How to structure your text logically by going from general to specific
    1 Quiz
  5. Lecture 4: How to organise your paragraphs logically
    1 Quiz
  6. Lecture 5: How to use linking words to make your text clearer
    1 Quiz
  7. Lecture 6: How to avoid the most common mistakes with linking words
    1 Quiz
  8. Written Assignment: Writing a Paragraph
  9. Section 2: How to use academic vocabulary
    Lecture 1: How to avoid personal pronouns (I, you, we)
    1 Quiz
  10. Lecture 2: How to sound more academic by using words from Latin or French
    1 Quiz
  11. Lecture 3: How to avoid phrasal verbs
    1 Quiz
  12. Lecture 4: How to identify and avoid 'everyday' language
    1 Quiz
  13. Lecture 5: How to use more cautious and careful language
  14. Lecture 6: How to use Ozdic to quickly find academic collocations
  15. Lecture 7: How to use Netspeak to check academic collocations and synonyms fast
  16. Section 3: How to follow academic conventions
    Lecture 1: What is plagarism and how to avoid it
  17. Lecture 2: How to paraphrase successfully to avoid plagarism
  18. Lecture 3: How to use quotations appropriately
  19. Lecture 4: How and when to reference correctly
  20. Lecture 5: How to use Zotero to correctly format references FAST
    How to use 'track changes' feature in MS Word
  22. Where to next?
    Other Academic Writing Mastery modules
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What you’re going to learn about writing effective academic texts

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