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Module 6: How to Discuss Results and Conclude

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  1. Introduction: how to make the most out of this course
    What you're going to learn about discussing results and concluding
  2. Section 1: How to structure the discussion section
    Lecture 1: Results and discussion: one or two separate sections?
  3. Lecture 2: Discussion and conclusion: should you combine them?
  4. Lecture 3: The necessary elements every discussion section will need to have
    1 Quiz
  5. Section 2: how to compare and contrast the results with the literature
    Lecture 1: How to show similarities with previous findings
    1 Quiz
  6. Lecture 2: How to show differences with previous studies
    1 Quiz
  7. Written Assignment: Comparing your results with literature
  8. Section 3: How to explain and interpret the results
    Lecture 1: How to explain the differences with previous studies
    1 Quiz
  9. Lecture 2: How to explain and interpret the results
    1 Quiz
  10. Lecture 3: How to be cautious about your interpretations
    1 Quiz
  11. Written Assignment: Explaining and interpreting your results
  12. Section 4: how to conclude the study
    Lecture 1: How to structure your conclusion
    1 Quiz
  13. Lecture 2: How to start the conclusion
    1 Quiz
  14. Written Assignment: Beginning the Conclusion and Restating the Results
  15. Lecture 3: How to restate the main results and discuss them
    1 Quiz
  16. Lecture 4: How to present practical implications of your findings
    1 Quiz
  17. Written Assignment: Practical Implications of Your Study
  18. Lecture 5: How to highlight the limitations of your study
    1 Quiz
  19. Lecture 6: How to make suggestions for future research
    1 Quiz
  20. Written Assignment: Limitations and Suggestions for Future Research
  21. Lecture 7: How to highlight the contributions of your study
    1 Quiz
  22. Bonus content
    How to write the abstract
  23. Written Assignment: The Abstract
  24. Where to next
    Other Academic Writing Mastery modules
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What you’re going to learn about discussing results and concluding

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