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How to write a research paper for a high-impact journal in 4 weeks: Ramy’s story

Writing a research paper, whether as a PhD student or a researcher, doesn’t have to take months.

In fact, it can take just weeks.

When Ramy started working with me, he was finishing his second year as a PhD student, but he’d never written a paper. He was getting under a lot of pressure to start publishing his findings.

And he knew he had great results. Results that were not only publishable, but worthy of high-impact journals.

The main problem was how to publish them. How to organise the research ideas logically. How to present them in appropriate academic language.

To make matters worse, other PhD students around him were already publishing. This was creating even more pressure and frustration.

But then in just 4 weeks Ramy wrote the first draft of his paper. And now, after positive feedback from his supervisor, he’s submitting it to one of the top journals in geology.

How did he achieve such an amazing transformation? Watch the video to find out more.

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