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If you’re new here, my name is Marek Kiczkowiak, and I’m the founder of Academic English Now. Nice to meet you!

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Meet Academic English Now team

Marek Kiczkowiak, Founder

Hi, I’m Marek. I’m originally from Poland, and I did my PhD in teaching English at the University of York. I managed to finish it in 3 years with 3 published research papers.

I’m the founder of Academic English Now, where we help PhD students and researchers regularly write research papers for top journals in the field.

For fun, I enjoy:

  • doing research and writing my own papers
  • travelling with my wife and friends
  • reading books.

Samiksha Mahajan, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Samiksha. I’m originally from India, where I used to work as a dentist. I did my Master’s in public health in the UK. Then I worked as a research assistant in Japan.

At that time, in January 2021, just like you I was struggling with my research assistant responsibilities. After talking to Marek, I knew that this was exactly the external help I needed to manage my pressure and improve my academic writing skills. So I joined his program immediately.

After finishing my research assistant post in Japan and going through his training, I joined Academic English Now team in April 2022. I’m currently responsible for bringing in and onboarding new clients.

For fun, I love to travel and explore new cuisines. I absolutely love Turkish food.

Andrew Woodbury, Client Success Manager

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m from Toronto, Canada, where I teach academic writing courses at universities. There, I work with newcomers to Canada who are enrolling in Bachelor and Graduate programs.

My background is in language education, which is how I met Marek over ten years ago. We worked together then and it seemed natural to join his team at Academic English Now.

When I’m not teaching, I’m watching sports or reading a book. My top three recommended reading list:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • What is the What by Dave Eggers

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PhD student, Anthropology

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PhD student, sociology

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PhD student, Geosciences

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PhD student, environmental protection

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4 Abstracts and a paper submitted in 2 months

NAME: Abano Peseiye


FIELD: Anthropology



Totally worth it!

NAME: Willy Rocabado


FIELD: Sociology



Submitted a research paper in 3 weeks

NAME: Lilian Ehidiamhen


FIELD: Theology of ethics



Cambridge professors ENJOYED reading my 1st year PhD report

NAME: Mercedes Cornelius


FIELD: Quantum physics



A research paper for a high-impact journal in 4 weeks

NAME: Ramy Abdullah


FIELD: Geosciences



From 0 papers in 3 years to 3 papers in 10 weeks

NAME: Ashoka Ranjeewa


FIELD: Environmental protection



Highly recommended

NAME: Celeste Quiroga


FIELD: Women’s rights



Research paper in 5 weeks: Elijah's story

NAME: Elijah Chirwa


FIELD: Information systems