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Finding PhD Supervisors And Feeling More Confident

NAME: Wendi Winnelinckx

DEGREE: PhD candidate

FIELD: Psychology




Wendi is a psychologist who specializes in self-compassion. When she started working with me, her intention was to jump from a bachelor’s degree to do a PhD. 

Wendi used to struggle supporting her research ideas with previous research. She also had problems structuring her texts logically. She also wasn’t sure how to find supervisors that would agree to supervise her PhD research.

After working with me, Wendi now feels much more self-confident. Being an independent researcher, she also found our support community invaluable as it allowed her to feel less lonely and connect with other like-minded PhD students and researchers. She also knows how to structure her research ideas logically.

She also found two professors who agreed to supervise her PhD work and is currently applying for funding.

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