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From 0 papers in 3 years to 3 papers in 10 weeks

NAME: Ashoka Ranjeewa


FIELD: Environmental protection




Writing a research paper, whether as a PhD student or a researcher, doesn’t have to take months.

In fact, it can take just weeks.

When Ashoka got in touch with me, he was in the last year of his PhD, but he hadn’t published any papers.

The catch was that he’d agreed with his supervisor to write 6 papers. And he had about 6 months to go to the end of his PhD.

He was starting to feel very stressed and doubting his ability to achieve his goals and complete the PhD.

So we started working together, and in just 10 weeks Ashoka wrote 3 papers. He’s now well on target to finish his PhD with 6 papers.

And the best part about it is that Ashoka is actually working LESS, not more. He’s feeling more relaxed, confident and motivated too. 

In fact, right after this interview, he went back home to Sri Lanka for holidays for 6 weeks!

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