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Cambridge professors enjoyed reading my 1st year PhD report

NAME: Mercedes Cornelius


FIELD: Quantum physics




In many universities, the 1st year PhD report, also known as a transfer report, is vital. It basically decides whether you’re allowed to continue your PhD and do your research.

In a nutshell, if you mess it up, you might at best be given an extension, or will have to pack your bags immediately.

When Mercedes started working with me in February 2021, she was a first year PhD student in quantum physics at the University of Cambridge.

She hadn’t started writing the transfer report. But she was aiming high, and wanted to deliver a great piece of work.

Fast forward four months and Mercedes wrote such a good transfer report, her supervisors said they ENJOYED reading it.

You read that right. Supervisors at the University of Cambridge enjoyed reading her work, and there were hardly any changes to be made.

And on top of it, Mercedes enjoyed the writing process herself. She’s now booming with confidence and has been given the green light to continue her PhD studies.

How did he achieve such an amazing transformation? Watch the video to find out more.

And Mercedes is just one of dozens of PhD students who are achieving such results following my proven process.

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