This program has been designed in a specific way to maximise your results. You might find some of it very different from how traditional language programs are structured. But there’s a good reason for that. Most of those other programs don’t work very well.

You might also come to the program with certain ideas about how academic writing should be done or how you want to learn. But you need to be prepared to put these aside and trust the process laid out in this program.

If you want to achieve your goals fast, I’d highly recommend following the tips below:

  • Take action – you’re not here just to listen to my voice on the videos and do the writing later; you’re here to immediately take action
  • Complete the tasks – do not just skip the tasks below the videos; they’re there for a reason, so do them
  • Use the vocabulary handouts – when writing a specific section, make sure you’ve got the vocabulary handout printed next to you and that you’re using the phrases on it
  • Do the written assignments – they will encourage you to write daily, so that you can put into practice what you learned and get feedback regularly
  • Submit your writing step by step – this allows us to quickly resolve any problems, before they become major and widespread issues throughout your writing
  • Don’t send the whole article or chapter straight away – if you send me a whole article or chapter, I guarantee that there will be the same mistakes throughout the whole thing, which could have been easily avoided if you sent it one step at a time
  • Accept and act on feedback – those who improve the fastest always take a careful note of the feedback and immediately act on it
  • Do not get upset with negative feedback – you’re guaranteed to receive a fair share of negative feedback, but remember that this is why you’re here; and mistakes are not failure, but an opportunity to improve
  • Use the community – to get the most out of this program, use the community to post your questions, doubts, challenges, but also successes
  • Find a writing buddy – use the community to find a writing partner who you can work together with to improve your writing
  • Come to the Q&As – don’t keep your questions to yourself; if in doubt, come to the Q&A, and we will get you unstuck

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