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Research Paper Mastery

Learn How To Write 3+ High-Impact Papers Each Year, So You Can Get Better Academic Positions, Increase Your Salary And Become An Authority In Your Field (While Working LESS And Feeling Happier)

Who is it for?

Research Paper Mastery is for researchers and postdocs who want to write 3+ research papers each year, so they can climb the career ladder, get tenured track positions, and improve their salary. If this is you, you’re most likely struggling with finding focus to write, managing your time well, lack of appropriate guidance, and expressing or structuring your research ideas appropriately, so you can write higher-quality papers faster.

What does it help you to achieve?

Research Paper Mastery is a mastermind that will help you to:

  • write your next high-impact paper in 42 days or less
  • plan and manage your time well, so you can become more productive
  • write 3+ papers in the next 12 months
  • identify high-impact research topics no one else in your discipline can see
  • develop a daily writing routine that will reduce your paper writing process from months to weeks
  • choose the right journal to maximise your chances of publication
  • tell a coherent story throughout your paper, so that your ideas flow well
  • maintain a good work-life balance and feel more relaxed and confident
  • write an experimental paper, a (systematic) review paper, or a theoretical paper

How does it work?

The program gives you the guidance, skills and mentorship you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Online course: 7-week video training program with clear step-by-step instructions and templates to write high-impact academic texts
  • Coaching: Two collaborative group coaching calls where you will get insights from your coach and other group members
  • Community: A collaborative community of other researchers where you can get support and motivation
  • Feedback: Weekly feedback on your writing that helps you improve the quality and finish your texts faster
  • 1-1 Accountability: Two 1-1 accountability meetings with your coach to evaluate your progress and boost motivation 
  • One-year access: Get full support for 12 months and renew yearly for continued support

What Exactly Is Covered?

Course Content

Week 1: Sowing the seeds
Week 2: Next level productivity
Week 3: Writing the introduction and the literature review
Week 4: Materials and methods
Week 5: Results and discussion
Week 6: Concluding and submitting your paper
Week 7: Beyond publishing the first paper

What do our Students achieve?

Lizette Brits

Researcher, paediatric surgery

Natasha Morales

Researcher, behavioural sciences

Lilian Ehidiamhen

PhD student, theological ethics

Lara Corona

Researcher, museum studies

Prateek Wahi

PhD student, architecture

Mercedes Cornelius

PhD student, quantum physics

Ramy Abdullah

PhD student, Geosciences

Ashoka Ranjeewa

PhD student, environmental protection

Ibifuro Giami

PhD student, Engineering Education

Denis Adia

Master's student, social work

Write academic texts that make an impact

Online Training

Each week of Research Paper Mastery takes you step-by-step through the process of writing a high-impact paper, so that by the end of the first 6 weeks you have already submitted your paper to a top journal in your field.

Overcome your challenges and achieve your goals faster

Mentoring and coaching

Most courses en as soon as you step out of the classroom. But on Research Paper Mastery you have one-year access to two group Q&A sessions a week as well as a private member’s only community. This means that any time you get stuck or need help, you can get the necessary coaching and mentorship.

Improve faster by getting corrections and advice

Personalised Feedback on your writing

You will get regular personalised feedback on your research papers. Unlike simple proofreading from which you learn nothing, you will get tailored suggestions and advice on how exactly to improve your writing.

How Can I Get Started?

If you’re a highly motivated PhD student or researcher who is interested in regularly writing research papers for high-impact journals, schedule a free strategy session with us. We will meet 1-1 to discuss what your specific challenges and goals are to see how we can help and if the program is a good fit for you

Not Enrolled
This course is currently closed

Course Includes

  • 34 Lessons

Submitted a research paper in 3 weeks

NAME: Lilian Ehidiamhen


FIELD: Theology of ethics



Cambridge professors ENJOYED reading my 1st year PhD report

NAME: Mercedes Cornelius


FIELD: Quantum physics



A research paper for a high-impact journal in 4 weeks

NAME: Ramy Abdullah


FIELD: Geosciences



From 0 papers in 3 years to 3 papers in 10 weeks

NAME: Ashoka Ranjeewa


FIELD: Environmental protection



PhD Thesis Submitted & A High-Impact Paper Published

NAME: Ibifuro Giami


FIELD: Engineering Education



Master's student writes a research paper & tackles procrastination

NAME: Denis Adia

DEGREE: Master’s

FIELD: Social Work



Learn How To Regularly Publish Research Papers In High-Impact Journals

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