[The community has moved] Hi Everyone! I’ve been listening attentively to your feedback and user experience over the last several months, and a couple of recurring themes have come up:

  • no ability to attach texts in the community,
  • difficulty to connect with other members (can’t ‘friend’ people)
  • not possible to send private messages
  • unable to jump back into the last lesson on the course you were working on
  • a disconnect between the community and the course.

That’s why I’ve decided to give the community a complete overhaul that I think will dramatically improve your user experience and help you achieve your goals faster.

However, this means that the community has moved, and this one will no longer be supported. You can find the new community here: https://academicenglishnow.com/groups/phd-accelerator/activity/

I put together a short explainer video walking you through the changes. You can see it in your account page after logging in.

How is this going to improve your experience?

  1. See the latest activity in the community right in your account page.
  2. Jump right back to the last lesson straight from your account page: no need to scroll back and forth.
  3. Follow other community members and send friend requests: make connections with others and find writing buddies.
  4. Send private messages: easier to meet other people and communicate privately.
  5. Tag people in a post: get answers to your questions from a specific person in the group.
  6. Upload documents: attach your texts for feedback both in the community or in a private message.
  7. Notifications: control exactly which notifications you receive via email.

I’m really excited about these new changes. Let me know what you think by starting a new discussion in the community.

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