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Writing the methodology: 3 key elements you MUST include

I see a lot of PhD students and researchers mess up the methodology section and take a very long time to write it.

On the other hand, I personally love writing it. For several reasons.

It’s by far the easiest section to write.

It’s got a clear repeatable structure you can follow regardless of the field you’re in.

The language you have to use is simple and clear.

You don’t need much complex grammar either.

It only involves reporting what you did in your study and how you designed it.

In fact, it typically takes me a few hours to get the methodology section for a new paper written.

Want similar results?

Watch this video to learn what three key elements you must include in the methodology section of your paper or thesis.

These tips will work regardless of the field you’re in.

They will work if you’re writing an MA or a PhD thesis.

They will also work for a research paper.

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