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From being completely stuck to handing in the PhD thesis in 5 months: Jay’s story

Jay recently handed in his PhD thesis in film festival studies and successfully defended it.

However, when Jay started working with me back in April, he was feeling completely stuck. He couldn’t really write a single word on the page.

This obviously was causing a lot of stress and anxiety as the pressure to write and finish his PhD thesis was mounting.

Fast forward 5 months and Jay not only managed to overcome his inability to write, but he also successfully handed in his thesis!

Here’s his celebration in our community.

How did he do this?

We started off with small steps, helping Jay develop a writing routine and giving him regular feedback.

I also showed Jay a step-by-step template for his entire PhD thesis, so that he could write it faster.

Jay also learned how to organise his ideas, so they flow better.

All this helped him to quickly get unstuck and write an excellent PhD thesis.

Listen to this interview below to find out more.

Jay is just one example of numerous PhD students who have managed to achieve their goals through my program.

So if you also want to accelerate your PhD progress, write an excellent thesis, publish research papers, and finally start enjoying the process, then let’s talk.

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